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So as you may know by now, we specialize in high-end / lifestyle wedding/family and portraits photography that captures the most precious moments you will love forever.


Based out of Orlando, Florida.

David and I (Elizabeth) are a husband-and-wife team that together bring vast cultural perspectives

that offer a unique vantage point to capture beautiful events such as your wedding/family and portraits.


Our goal using our passion is to show the beauty, grace, strength, and enthusiasm of your wedding/family and portraits in their truest art form. In addition, our mission is to simply capture art at the moment. We would love to hear more about your story maybe over a cup of COFFEE on us and envision your plans.





DENYA = So, where did the name DENYA come from?

Well, it’s the first letter of our Name (David, Elizabeth, Noah, Yadiel, and Aiden) from oldest to youngest. To our surprise, it’s also a tree that's not only one of the tallest and

strongest trees in Ghana, but it is also among the most reliable and long-lasting.

ROOTS = foundation in God in which our roots to our family and passion are driven into. We hope you are inspired by our art, and soon have the privilege to work together one day in capturing your story...

Meet our family / Wolf Pack

IMG_2933 (1).jpg








Back Ground

David L. is a native of Los Angles, California. An aspiring entrepreneur of

several hats from photographer, videography, fashionista, graphic

designer, and creative director.


     Elizabeth R.  is a native of Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Founded in the

passion for the arts of photography and Graphics design.


     Both are extremely passionate about storytelling, especially in the context of social good. In their opinion, there isn’t anything more powerful. They reflect on the creative struggle and what it means to take ownership of our creative lives. 


      "Have been a local business owner in Orlando for 12+ years. They built it on the philosophy that something done with patience, passion, and a creative mind will sprout to its truest capacity". Their goal with their talent is to show the beauty, grace, strength, and enthusiasm of people in its truest art form. In addition, their mission is to simply capture art at the moment.

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